Part 3: Eagle and Pegasus


Artist: Hennie Vaessen
ISBN-nummer: 9789490000134
Cover: Hardcover (HC) with spot varnish
Pages: 48


Since 1941 a brigade of patriotic Poles has been training in Scotland under the leadership of the able general STANISLAV SOSABOWSKI. They patiently await their chance to play their part in the liberation of their torn motherland Poland. However, fate will decide otherwise. On September 21st the Poles are dropped in the village of Driel, until then  untouched by war. For the British beeld1persberichtlrdivision in Oosterbeek the Battle of Arnhem is as good as lost. The Driel ferry is no longer there and the Germans have turned the lower Rhine into an unassailable  obstacle.
The Polish Eagle and British Pegasus are now left to salvage what they can.